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I/We authorise Drogheda Credit Union Ltd to process and retain data provided by me/us in respect of this application, to seek and provide credit references (searches), to record details of any transaction which may result from this application with Irish Credit Bureau Limited (ICB) and ICB to record, retain and disclose to its members details of such searches for a period of one year.
I/We acknowledge that Drogheda Credit Union Ltd and/or ICB are permitted to disclose any material misstatement of fact contained in the application for financial accommodation to its members and relevant bodies. I/We consent to any such application being processed, recorded and retained by ICB
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Declaration of Related Party Status
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In accordance with Regulations 18-20 of the Credit Unions (Regulatory Requirements) Regulations 2016. Drogheda Credit Union Ltd is obliged to request members to confirm whether they fall within the definition of “related party” when seeking a loan from the credit union.
A related party is a member of the board of directors or management team, or a member of their family (i.e that person’s father, mother, spouse or civil partner, cohabitant, son, daughter, brother or sister) or a business in which a board member or management team member has a shareholding of greater than 10%.
Please note that the current members of the Board of Directors and Management Team of Drogheda Credit Union Ltd are listed below:
Board of Directors:
Paul Brassil
Paul Hussey
Sheena Kierans
Pat Smith
James Matthews
Aoife Quinn
Aidan Gibney
Gerard Fanning
Michael Rafferty
Geraldine Gilsenan
Mary McDonnell
Management Team:
Tom Kiely
Eileen Keogh
Mark Smith
Barbara Flanagan
Amanda Collins
Joanna Kent
Ciara O Brien
Sarah McGee
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